Dent Prevent

Dent Prevent - 1 Set of 2 Door Protectors

$49.95 $89.95

Dent Prevent - 1 Set of 2 Door Protectors

1 set gives you protection for 2 doors. If you have a 4 door car, you will need 2 sets. 

Looks factory installed! No one will think you put it on yourself.

Dent Prevent is an adjustable, one-size-fits-all, magnetic car door guard that will protect your car from unsightly door dings, dents and scratches by attaching to the outside of your car door with premium strength magnets.

Your Dent Prevent attaches to your car with high energy magnets.  Just extend it to the right size for your car door.  It's that easy!  The magnets won't scratch your paint.

The patented Dent Prevent is easy to remove and yet strong enough to stay on your can while you drive, no matter how bad the weather.